Penalties – Nurse License Defense before the Kentucky Board of Nursing and the Ohio Board of Nursing

The Kentucky Board of Nursing and the Ohio Board of Nursing have a vast array of disciplinary options at their disposal. Some of the most common disciplinary tools, depending on the facts of a particular case, are as follows:

  • Monetary Fines
  • Restrictions on handling or administering controlled substances
  • Restrictions on working overtime, in a supervisory capacity or in the home health field
  • Restrictions on work location
  • Work site supervision requirements, including supervision by another nurse while performing certain work related duties or written reports from supervisors to the Nursing Board relating to work performance
  • Board ordered courses relating to chemical abuse or dependency, sexual boundaries, documentation errors or other areas specific to the grievance or complaint at issue
  • Board ordered evaluations, such as chemical dependency evaluations, psychological evaluations, neuropsychological evaluations or evaluations related to sexual impulsivity or addiction, along with compliance with any recommendations
  • Probation and monitoring by Board compliance officers, including daily urine drug and alcohol screens in the event the Board is concerned about chemical dependency issues
  • Suspension (actively served or held in abeyance)
  • Revocation (permanent, actively served or held in abeyance)

Elder & Good nurse license defense attorneys have substantial experience in assisting nurses to avoid penalties at the conclusion of an investigation by the Kentucky Board of Nursing or the Ohio Board of Nursing. Our nurse license defense attorneys are also prepared to help nurses obtain relief from license restrictions and conditions in Kentucky and Ohio. If the Kentucky or Ohio nursing board has imposed one or more of the above restrictions or conditions on your nursing license, our nurse license defense attorneys are well suited to assist you.